Thursday, April 16, 2009

House Update

Since I have been getting the question lately about where we are in the selling and building process, I thought I would give an update. We got a contract on our house that we are selling in the first 26 days (praise the Lord). We close on April the 17th, so we have been spending the last 3 weeks packing and moving a little at a time. We have finished the clearing of our new place and plan to start dirt work and building within the next two weeks. It looks like if everything goes as planned, we could be in our new home sometime around October. I have added a few before and after pictures of the tree clearing. We bought this lot because of the nice trees it had on it. I never imagined that when we were done clearing, you would be able to count the ones left on two hands.

Front to back (Before)

Front to back (After)

Back to front (Before)

Back to front (After)

Ben is all about anything to do with tractors (and a trackhoe fits in the tractor category for him)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Recent Pics of Ben

I know I have been slacking with the posts, but here are a few new pics of Ben...

Happy Easter

We hope that everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I can't believe the weather turn off to be so great after the bad storm we had Sunday morning. Here are a few pics of the fun...