Friday, January 16, 2009

Our New Little Place in the Country

Well, this will be a first for us, but we our going to build our next house. We like the area that we live in so much, that we have bought some land(just a half acre, but it fells like more since it is more than twice the size we have right now) just 2 miles down the road from where we live now. Of course we have to sell our house first before we start building, but we know that the Lord has a buyer out there for our house. Here are a few pictures of the place. I will post pictures as we progress and hopefully that is soon.

Front of property

What will be the view from the back of the house

From the back looking to the front

This tree has treehouse written all over it, or a good tree to set up a ladder stand to get some practice in with my

Ben loves playing with the sticks when we go out there

This was so funny, Ben tripped over something and said, "Mommy, help me! I fall down".

God has been so good to us and we just thank him for the blessing of this place that we will call our home one day.

First Post for 2009

I know, it is the middle of January and I am just now posting about Christmas. You probably thought we had given up on the blog. Well, we haven't but things have just been extremely busy lately. After being off of work for a week and a half for the Christmas holidays, I never imagined so much could go on. Long story short, we had a great Christmas, traveled across Texas and had more Christmas, bought a lot to build on, put our house on the market, and showed it a couple of times. Not at all what I had in mind for the holidays this year, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta Here are a few pictures from all of the Christmas gatherings. enjoy